Tool Storage

Swivel Bails

  • Strong and durable, our swivel bails are light weight and hold up to tough manufacturing environments.

  • Designed with a custom inner ring matching the exact shape of the tool.

  • Universal versions are available which can be adjusted to fit any tool.

  • Location of bail on the tool can be engineered to match the center of gravity needed for the configuration being used.

  • Large selection of Ready-to-Print Swivel Bails for many popular brands and models.

  • Can create custom swivel bails for unique tools.

Tool Holder & Box Tool Holder

  • Tool Holder is made from durable nylon material and has a cushioned inner sleeve. The inner sleeve can customized to provide an exact fit for any tool.

  • The Tool Holder is engineered to use 5/16” bolts fit to 80/20 structural rails or with standard screws to most work benches.

  • The Box Tool Holder is designed to mount conveniently under bench tops for hanging the tool, or on top of the bench for secure placement.

  • The Box Tool Holder comes with removable cushioned pads to accommodate various tool sizes.