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Asset Protection


You can't risk your most valuable assets - your team, tools, and products. Keeping these assets in good condition, productive, and free from damage or injury are critical to your company's success.  



Your assembly tools are at the core of your process. Adding to their useful life and limiting downtime from repairs is essential. We protect your assembly tools by custom designing covers that protect the body of the tool, the head of the tool, and the batteries on the tool.

Ex. solutions for torque wrenches, pistol tools, RA tools, controllers, sockets, and batteries.


Mutilation and In System Damage (ISD) is a common problem in the assembly process when Class A surfaces come in contact with a tool, fixture, or cart. Our products are specially designed for your tools and your process to limit ISD. Our products are made from lightweight, durable, non-marring material. 


Ex. tool covers, assembly cart covers, work station edge covers, and robotic arm covers.


We protect your most valuable asset, your people. Many of our products are designed to limit the potential of fingers, hair, or clothing from coming into contact with the moving parts of assembly tools.


They can even be customized using ergonomic design to lessen the likelihood of repetitive injuries.


But we don't stop at asset protection. What really sets Extremiti3D apart is our ability to customize products to accommodate your unique needs.


Since our process does not involve tooling expense or lead time, features specific to your assembly process can be added "on-demand". Add on features like pinch protection, protection of user interfaces or damage prone areas, integration of third-party technology, or color coding for production control. All this adds up to products that provide asset protection and much more.

Ex. Adding a bail for tool storage, integrating sensors for asset tracking, or customize cover colors to meet your safety or production processes.

Desoutter Pistol White1.png
Nexonar Integrated Cover.png

Protective cover for a Desoutter EAB Pistol tool integrated with a Nexonar sensor




A sensitive laser array surrounding the socket needed protection from dust, and the data cable connector was prone to damage.


A protective, non-marring cover covering the socket end while still allowing the socket to spin freely.



  • A ramped diverter rib prevents impact on the cable connector while allowing easy access.

  • Cover slips on and is held in place using the geometry built into the tool.

  • Made using a flexible, strong, durable TPU which protects the tool and prevents mutilation of the product being made.  

Castle Nut Socket, designed by Rhino Tool House


Let us know what you need, we'll get back to you with a solution.

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