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Maximum ROI

Our products help you protect your most important assets: your team, the tools they use, and the products you make.
Whether it is extending the life of assembly tools, integrating technology, limiting downtime for repairs, or enhanced safety features, our products are a cost effective way to increase productivity. 

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Products designed to help you do what you do,  even better! 

Every production process is different. Our products are customized to work in your process with the tools you use.

We have already designed hundreds of products which can ship within days of ordering. All of these products can be customized to fit your needs in days, not weeks.


Helping you improve your process


Durable - Non-Marring - Protection - Sensor Integration

Protective covers come in two sizes - standard or heavy duty. Add on features like pinch protection, protection of user interfaces or damage prone areas, integration of third-party sensors, or color coding for production control can be incorporated on-demand.


Fixed & Swivel Bails - Cantilevered - Single & Dual Bails

Our suspension solutions are lightweight, yet durable enough to perform in modern manufacturing environments. Our tool holders and suspension solutions are customized to work with the tools you use in your assembly process.


Bringing the Cloud to the Assembly Floor

Analyzing data to improve productivity is a priority today for manufacturers. However, collecting data efficiently on the production floor can be difficult.

Do you have technology that is used with your assembly tools to improve your process? Do you need to keep track  of where work carts and tools are located? We have solutions to affix sensors and hardware to tools and equipment needed for data collection and asset tracking. Our solutions are customized for your requirements and designed to protect both the technology and the tools from damage.

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